Contract manufacturing

of food products

Contract manufacturing is a very popular solution in many industries, involving outsourcing of production to external partners. SolgerPackaging provides contract manufacture services in the field of food, nutrition and lyophilized products. We offer comprehensive technological facilities and specialist knowledge – supported by many years of experience. We are able to produce both long and short production runs. We operate in accordance with the customer’s wishes, expectations and generally applicable regulations. We pack products of different consistencies in various types of packaging, tailored to individual orders.

SolgerPackaging can produce ready-made food products from ingredients and components supplied by the customer (raw material, packaging, labels, collective packaging). As part of our cooperation we can also help you arrange raw materials and packaging. We also provide advice in this area.

SOLGER produkcja artykułów spożywczych
SOLGER produkcja artykułów spożywczych
kontraktowa produkcja artykułów spożywczych

We ensure strictly controlled production conditions, including clean work stands, appropriate protection measures, as well as specific values of temperature and air humidity in the production and storage rooms. In compliance with HACCP, GMP and GHP.