Organic production – “BIO”, “ECO” “ORGANIC”

To meet the growing interest and development of the organic food area, SolgerPackaging provides services in accordance with the organic production requirements.The certification of organic production was erformed in 2022 by TÜV Rheinland Poland – an accredited certification body, approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The certificate of compliance in the field of organic production allows us to provide services in the field of organic food preparation – processing, packaging, marking, confectioning and co-packaging. All processes take place on separated production lines in accordance with the requirements for ecological production and concern both food products and production of dietary supplements. Certification also allows us to store ecological products in a specially separated warehouse for this purpose.

What is organic production

Food products produced in accordance with organic farming requirements are marked with the “Euro-leaf” (a leaf made of white stars on a green background) – one of the most important certificates in Europe. The terms “BIO”, “ECO” and “ORGANIC” refer to organic food, the production of which is based on natural resources using environmentally friendly methods and processes.

The offer is mostly addressed to producers of organic food, who care about maintaining the continuity of organic production in the entire process of creating a product “from farm to fork”. The certificate entitles us to process BIO raw materials, and in relation to the final product – to mark it with the organic production logo.