Product packaging

Proper packing of products is very important for product safety and visual appeal. The customer can choose a convenient way of packing the product, adjusted to their own needs and expectations. SolgerPackaging offers service packaging of food and dietary supplements. We are specialized in packing: loose, granulated and dusty products, in the form of powder, tablets, capsules or jellies.

Packing types offered:

  • plastic bags,
  • sachets,
  • doypack packaging,
  • cartons,
  • cans,
  • glass bottles,
  • plastic bottles (PET, PE, PP).

Bottle packaging covers both glass (made of either transparent or dark glass, protecting the product against the adverse effects of sunlight) and plastic bottles. Regardless of the material the bottle is made of, we provide induction welding services.

We also offer packing of liquid and semi-liquid products in packages from 10 to 150 ml.

Solger Packaging also provides product repackaging services. Repacking of pre-packaged FMCG products and products from collective packaging into individual packaging and promotional sets.

SOLGER usługowe pakowanie produktów
SOLGER pakowanie produktów w opakowania typu doypack
SOLGER pakowanie w saszetki – saszetkowanie oraz opakowania pillow bag
SOLGER pakowanie w puszki
SOLGER pakowanie produktów płynnych
SOLGER pakowanie suplementów diety

We treat each product with due care, applying the highest standards. We ensure strictly controlled production conditions, including clean work stands, appropriate protection measures, as well as specific values of temperature and air humidity in the production and storage rooms. In compliance with HACCP, GMP and GHP.