SolgerPackaging offers encapsulation of dietary supplements. We encapsulate dry substances in the form of powder, lyophilizate and granulate.

We use hard capsules – gelatinous, cellulose, pullulan and extended release capsules of different sizes. We can offer our advice when you are choosing the size and colour of capsules to make the finished product as attractive as possible for future customers. For capsules, where the amount of active substance is not enough to fill the capsule, we offer commonly used, neutral and safe filling substances of plant origin. We have modern equipment which guarantees proper mixing and even distribution of active components, as well as their tight closure in the capsule. We eliminate dust and ensure that the capsules are polished. Depending on the customer’s expectations, the finished products can be packed in cartons or plastic or glass jars.

As part of our activity, we encapsulate: vitamins, minerals, probiotics, lyophilizates and plant extracts. We ensure high quality and repeatability of the encapsulation process.

SOLGER pakowanie suplementów diety
SOLGER produkcja suplementów diety
SOLGER producent suplementów diety

We ensure strictly controlled production conditions, including clean work stands, appropriate protection measures, as well as specific values of temperature and air humidity in the production and storage rooms. In compliance with HACCP, GMP and GHP.